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Welcome! This is a place to make connections, find tips to help you flip, read about what others are doing, and provide feedback on anything you read here. If you’re an educator making “the flip,” we’d love to hear from you and provide a platform for you to share your story with the world. Contact us with your story, best teaching tip, pressing issues and questions at We will answer your questions in subsequent blog posts.

“Don’t threaten innovation with a stick” Principal Greg Green spells out what leaders need to flip

Principal Greg Green is renowned for flipping his school, Clintondale High School in Michigan. The impetus for him was the 2009–2010 pass rate for students at the school, which was low across all subject areas. Since then the school has implemented the flipped model initially with freshmen classes and, in 2011-12, across the whole school…. Read More

Making flipped learning work with younger students

Ben Rouse is a secondary maths teacher and head of faculty in a boy’s comprehensive in Surrey in the UK. The school is in a fairly affluent area and all students have access to the Internet at home. Read More

Student perceptions of the flipped classroom – new research

student perceptions
We’re always interested to hear about new research into flipped learning and we recently caught up with Graham Johnson, a high school teacher at Okanagan Mission Secondary in British Columbia, Canada. He’s just completed a Master of Arts in Educational Technology investigating student… Read More

Five to follow on twitter

Here at the Flipped Institute we know how easy it is to get completely swamped with information. We find Twitter is a great way to keep up to date and we’re always learning new ideas, hearing about events or finding resources from people we follow. So, who are we following to keep up with all… Read More

Assessing Student Videos

assessing student video
Video assignments are a great way to engage learners. When students become producers, their creativity increases as they research, analyse, make decisions and solve problems. When they’re done, they can safely publish what they’ve created and share it in the classroom and at home. But if you’re thinking about having your class complete a video… Read More

Recording Better Video with Your iPhone or iPad

Part 1: Stabilization Regardless of whether they’re flipping or not, many teachers have benefitted from recording videos in the class and on-the-go using only their smartphone or tablet’s video camera. Today we’re starting a series that will help you record better video with some of your favorite mobile devices. And just so it doesn’t get… Read More

Science Videos You can use for Digital Learning Day

This week we’re going to make it even easier for you to find great educational content, whether you want inspiration for your own videos, or need something specific for your media library. We’ll focus on Science to get you started, and have broken it… Read More

Using Pinterest to find great ideas for Digital Learning Day

Using technology in the classroom is growing. There is no doubt about it – from the increase of 1:1 tablet programs to byod (bring your own devices) to flipping the classroom, educators are using digital elements in numerous ways. And pressure is growing for teachers to start incorporating technology or digital learning in some way…. Read More

Create an Awesome Video Library for Digital Learning Day

digital learning day (1)
Technology has the ability to transform education forever, bringing free learning to students everywhere around the globe. Right here at home it can help students be more engaged, bringing the outside world into the classroom and vice versa. One technology that’s become more readily available recently is video. Whether it’s videos you find online, or… Read More

Five Ideas with Video for Digital Learning Day

digital learning day
The day will come and go, but you and your students will enjoy the videos for a long time. Use the following five ideas to create a video library that will enrich your students’ learning experience and make learning fun. 1. Have students create… Read More