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Five to follow on twitter

Anna PedrozaMar 22, '13

Here at the Flipped Institute we know how easy it is to get completely swamped with information. We find Twitter is a great way to keep up to date and we’re always learning new ideas, hearing about events or finding resources from people we follow.

So, who are we following to keep up with all things flipped? Here are five of our firm favourites.


To get an insight into what it means to flip not just one but three classrooms in different schools simultaneously then @TheAlgebros is worth a follow. Three teachers should take a bow here – Michael Brust, Timothy Kelly and Corey Sullivan who all work for Department of Defense schools based in Germany.


If you’re a flip enthusiast it’s likely that you’ll have heard of the remarkable Greg Green who is principal of Clintondale High School, the first flipped school. Greg simply lives and breathes flipped learning follow him for some of the best advice and help from flipped education leader.


Crystal is clearly very excited by flipped learning. A high school maths teacher, she’s flipped her algebra and maths classes and tweets about what she’s doing in class and links to useful resources she also finds time to host free webinars on aspects of flipped learning.


Heather Witten teaches Spanish and started flipping in 2011 and she’s completely hooked! If you teach modern languages Heather’s insights about flipped learning and definitely worth a follow.


History teachers unite and flip! Tom Driscoll is leading the charge in getting history and social studies teachers to share what they’re learning about flipped learning. Follow him for links to resources and some great ideas about flipped learning.
There are thousands of inspiring educators around the world who are tweeting about their flipped experiences. This is just a handful.

We’d love to know your favourites (and whom we’ve missed).

We look forward to hearing from you.

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